*Based on expanded CDC cases definitions for Confirmed and Probable cases of COVID-19. **Includes all (resident & non-resident) COVID-19 tests performed in Lucas County (hospital & community testing) reported to TLCHD by 4:00 pm M-F. This number does not include Lucas County residents tested in other jurisdictions or tests not reported to TLCHD.
Case Counts will by updated daily by 4:00pm.
Page updated 9/22/20 3:35 pm

The Ohio Director of Health’s Revised Public Health Orders and all specific sector orders are effective per the ODH Public Health Order Extension until either the State of Emergency declared by the Governor no longer exists or they are rescinded or modified.

Lucas County Community COVID-19 Survey

  • Designed to help health officials track suspected cases, estimate COVID-19 presence in our community, and follow-up with individuals expressing mild to moderate symptoms as time and resources permit.
  • Securely encrypted, safe, and HIPAA protected.
    • Your information will never be shared with any third party not working on the pandemic response.
  • Made possible through close collaboration between the University of Toledo and the Health Department.
  • YOU can help Keep the Curve Flat by reporting your COVID symptoms as honestly and carefully as you can.

*Refer to “About the Map” Below

  • *About the Map:
    • The zip code map identifies where each confirmed and **probable positive case lives. This does not mean cases were infected near their home or infectious around the area they live, but it is possible. The map highlights the importance of social distancing, staying home for all but essential needs, and minimizing exposure risk.
    • It is also important to understand that this map includes all confirmed and **probable cases to-date. Some of these cases may have already recovered, have had mild illness, or were hospitalized to recover from the virus. 
    • Previous maps can be found in the accordion tabs below under “COVID-19 Newsletter, Data, and Maps
    • **Probable cases are now included in the zip code map in addition to confirmed cases. These cases are determined based on the expanded CDC case definitions for Confirmed and Probable cases of COVID-19.


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